Annie Ngo, PhD

With 19 years of experience, Annie serves CIG clients through a combination of her extensive technical expertise in quantitative business analytics, supply chain management (SCM) and human capital development. These skills are crucial as:

Incentive projects require a careful analysis of how an enterprise and its competitors: (1) manage human capital; (2) implement strategies to create efficient supply chain; and (3) reduce commodity procurement costs. While advancements in technology and globalization certainly give businesses more options, these factors become exponentially more difficult to evaluate.

Annie’s SCM experience allows her to assess many of these key factors which are evaluated during the pursuit and negotiation of a government incentive. Moreover, her ability to use data science/analytics to evaluate large amounts of quantitative information make her and CIG unique in how accurate/efficient we operate. Finally, as an accomplished writer, Annie is able to eloquently and succinctly summarize complex topics and data points into coherent narratives used throughout our CORE CALincentives.

Prior to CIG, Annie was a strategic sourcing manager primarily in the aerospace & defense and medical device industries. She managed the commodities sourcing functions for San Diego-based companies such as Alere, BAE Systems and CareFusion. Annie holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and B.S. in Supply Chain Management from the University of San Diego, as well as an MBA from Arizona State University.