Founded in 2016, Vivotein manufactures and sells highly sustainable animal feed and organic fertilizer through the use of Black Soldier Fly Larvae or “BSFL”. On a daily basis, BSFL eat twice their body weight in organic waste that would otherwise end up in our landfills. These worms are processed into a high-protein, FDA-approved animal feed used predominately to feed farm-raised salmon and trout. Vivotein continues its dedication to the environment by processing BSFL excreta into 100% organic plant fertilizer. On a daily basis, Vivotein’s SoCal facility will be able to recycle over 200 tons of raw waste materials.

By demonstrating how integral Vivotein is in the reduction of solid waste and overfishing of our oceans, our experts at CALincentives successfully represented and negotiated a California Competes Tax Credit Award and CAEATFA Sales and Use Tax Exclusion for Vivotein.

“The team at CALincentives was a pleasure to work with. The tax incentives they secured for Vivotein will have an immediate and direct benefit to our bottom line.”

Harout Ajaryan – Founder & CEO